Scope of Work & Services provided
A. Pre-Tender Stage :
1. Concept Design :
Understand & Review of Architectural intent & requirements & select the most economical & efficient façade system for the project. Discuss with Architect and Client to understand design intent, vision & the integration of various systems having an effect on the facade.

Discussion on materials and specifications & prepare Design, Concept & exhibits which will include compliance with best Engineering practice as well as relevant legal requirements namely:

  ECBC Norms
  Green Building Norms
  Acoustic parameters
  Fire Stop & Smoke related CFO requirement
  Air & Water Tightness Test as per ECBC Norms
  Structural Strength & Stability
  Indian Standards (in absence of Indian Standards, International Standards shall be adopted)
  Facade Access for Maintenance & cleaning
Attend all Clients, Architect & other governing agency meetings as necessary to co-ordinate design efforts.
2. Design Basis Report :
  Establishment of Performance parameters
  Propose System appointment
  Define material use
  Finalization of modulation
  Detail Design duly supported by Structural calculation by software
  Preparation of Concept Drawings based on above
  Review of building structural supports systems for various façade elements.
  Sign off on DBR
3. Design Development Documentation :
  Preparation of Concept drawings Typical system details Typical interfaces and anchorage set out
  Schedule of openings
  Costs Estimation
  Schedule of works
  Propose façade cleaning and maintenance system
  Sign off on DBR
B. Tender Stage :
1. Tender Documentation :
  Preparation and submittal of Tender Drawings
  Preparation and submittal of Specifications
  Preparation and submittal of Bill of Quantities
  Preparation and submittal of Budgetary Costing
  Preparation and submittal of Works Programme
  Preparation and submittal of Conditions of Contract.
  Structural reactions where reqd. for design of host structure.
2. Tender :
  Invitation to tender
  Meetings with Bidders for Technical clarification & Techno
  Commercial details
  Response to vendor's queries
  Technical Compliance review
  Review of proposal systems for various façade elements for compliance to project tender documents and its requirements
  Preliminary samples review.
  Financial Review and Negotiations.
  Preparation of Technical erection report.
C. Post Tender Stage :
1. Design Drawings and Materials Approval :
  Review contractor's Shop drawings for the various systems for approval
  Review materials and samples for approval
  Review structural calculations for approval
  Review method statements for production and installation
  Review QA / QC documentation
  Visit contractor and his vendor facilities
  Review of warranties and maintenance manuals/replacement manuals
2. Mock up Review and Approval :
  Define mock up area on elevation drawing
  Review and approve mock up drawings
  Inspect mock up fabrication and installation at contractor's facility and site / test facility
  Review Mock up
  Review for aesthetic and workmanship compliance and capability
  Inspect installation at pre glazing stage and at other stages as required
  Witness test
  Inspect stage wise fabrication work in Vendors factory as required
  Inspect and approve site installation work, attend coordination meeting
  Inspect Test for air, water tightness and structural strength and stability
  Advise on improvements in the system if any
3. Fabrication and Installation :
  Inspect fabrication facility to ensure conformance to approved design.
  Verify materials being utilized.
  Verity dimensional tolerances conformity.
  Inspect glass at processing plant for Material, Technique and Workmanship
  Inspect assembly sequence
  Inspect first installation on site for each element prior to commencement of mass installation.
First installation to be approved prior to mass fabrication and installation Periodic / requested inspections at glass processing plant, fabricators plant and site. Resolution of as built / site oriented problems
4. Closeout :
  Final inspection of all elements and complete work.
  Snag List preparation.
  Review corrective action plan / remedial plan of contractor prior to implementation.
  Re inspection to confirm correct incorporation of remedial measure.
  Final approval inspection.
  Approval of As-built drawings, maintenance manuals.
  Review contractor pay requests with Architect to determine percentage of work complete.
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